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The Construction Cleanup Challenge

Construction cleanup is a multi-dimensional equation that requires different tools and techniques to solve.  Final Cleaning Service understands that and accounts for every possible challenge.  Here are just a few challenges faced in post-construction cleaning.

tile haze

Grout / Tile "Haze"

Perhaps the number one “killer” of a successful construction cleanup project can be removing haze on tile/grout caused by:

  • Sheetrock dust
  • The construction crew trying to clean it with hard water and the wrong chemicals (making a bad situation worse)

Removing the “haze” efficiently and quickly requires using stainless steel friendly acids vs less effective alkaline based  cleaners. 

Don’t use acids such as muratic or Hydrocholoric acid either as just the fumes alone will ruin nearby stainless steel.

Make sure you are using the right equipment and preferably sucking up the “muck” while scrubbing/mopping/etc with a powerful shop-vac.


Sheetrock Dust

Sheetrock dust can seemingly come back over and over when cleaning creating a virtual “3 stooges” episode.  It doesn’t have to be hard:

  • Clean from top down
  • Expect to dust at least 2x as things settle
  • Final dusting should be after everything is moved in and settled
  • Make sure ventilation is ok with clean filters/etc
window cleaning

Window Crud

It’s not uncommon in a construction cleanup project to have windows that are covered with putty splatters, sheetrock dust and splatters where the sheetrock was wet and dried.  You’ll also find paint splatters and hard water buildup as well.  Here’s the checklist:

  • Have a super strong window cleaner available such as “Driven” which has an industrial strength acid gel
  • Make use of glass razor blades – don’t use standard blades
  • You need more than squeegees so get the microfiber glass cleaning pads and sticks ready to roll
  • Make sure you have a lot of glass cleaning pads for smoothing out the final result and standard microfiber rags for rough cleaning.


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