Convenience Store Scope Sheet

Complete cleaning specs for final construction cleaning convenience stores.



Final Cleaning – Entire Building:

a.     Thoroughly sweep, vacuum and wet mop all floors

b.     Detail dust and wipe down all walls, baseboards, doors, surfaces, fixtures, vents etc.

c.     Detail clean all offices and common areas

d.     Clean all glass surfaces inside and out; remove any stickers or labels.

e.     Clean Toilet Rooms – walls, floors, light lenses, toilets, sinks, counters, partitions, mirrors, fixtures and accessories; disinfect sinks and fixtures.

f.       Wipe down both sides and tops of all doors.

g.     Wipe down all door frames.

h.     Vacuum and damp mop concrete surfaces

i.       Vacuum carpeting and similar soft surfaces, removing debris and excess nap;

j.       Clean transparent materials, including mirrors and glass in doors.

k.     Remove glazing compounds and other noticeable, vision obscuring materials.

l.       Polish mirrors and glass, taking care not to scratch surfaces.

m.   Vacuum and damp wipe all cabinetry, casework and countertops, inside and out.          

n.     Wipe down pipe and equipment in mechanical rooms and fire sprinkler rooms.

o.     Wipe down all structure columns to 10′ above finished floor.

p.     Remove any minor trash found in building.

q.     Wipe down all FRP and ceramic wall tile.   

r.      Wipe down sanitary cove base.       

s.     Leave Janitors Closet clean and orderly.    

t.       Clean and wipe down all stainless-steel food preparation equipment and sinks; inside and out.    

u.     Clean and disinfect water coolers.

v.     Clean refrigerated self-serve units inside and out.

w.    Clean grocery Equipment inside and out.   

x.     Wipe down all air curtains.

y.     Detail clean inside and outside of walk in refrigerators and freezers

z.      Detail clean and wipe out all display islands and Check Out Island.

aa.  Remove any and all protective film from walk-in doors and walls  

bb. Wipe down all kitchen appliances, counter tops, etc.

cc.  Leave project clean and ready for occupancy.

dd. Prior to final completion, conduct an inspection of sight-exposed interior surfaces and all work areas with construction manager to verify that entire Work is clean.                                

Window cleaning – Interior and Perimeter Glass – Both sides                                      

a.    Remove all stickers and labels

b.   Wash and scrape all windows

c.    Wipe down all window framing

d.   Wipe down all tracks and window sills


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